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Let’s get the football match started. More football than is not possible. Beginning with the founder and owner of JAKO all the way to the warehouse worker at JAKO. It is all about football. JAKO is crazy about football and chase the round ball. The JAKO product selection shows this in the online shop: jerseys, sport shorts, stirrups, sport bags and everything goalkeepers need. Everyone can find their outfit for practise and matches.

The impressive part is that all articles are available in different variations and various designs and multiple colours. Special clothing is available for men and children and also special tailored cuts for women. With ideal functional features JAKO supports the sportswear of your team and helps to perform at your best. According to the company moto WE ARE TEAM, JAKO plays a big role in team sports. If you see a ball rolling, then JAKO is just around the corner. From the Bundesliga to the district leagues, a lot of clubs wear the logo with the two rivers on their chest. All know and values the high quality of the JAKO products like jerseys, stirrups, socks and shorts. JAKO jerseys stand for first class functionality. The KEEP DRY function ideally regulates the body climate. Comfortable interlock fabric is very breathable and quick drying. Jacquard fabric and mesh inserts with their open material structure transport the moisture away from the body directly to the outside of the fabric. Thanks to this feature, football players stay dry and the body temperature stays at a normal level for better performance. Additionally, selected jerseys like for example the jersey PRESTIGE have the KEEP FRESH function. Special equipped fibres constantly absorb unpleasant odours and have an anti-bacterial effect. Constant freshness is guaranteed. These functions and even more features make the JAKO jerseys to an absolute highlight for all ball artists and top strikers.

The unique selection of jerseys, sport trousers, stirrups, sport bags or hardware in the online shop is amazing. Whether you are looking for modern design shirts, traditional block stripes or classic plain jerseys. You will find what you need and want for your perfect outfit and team appearance. Also, the ones between the goal posts will be happy. Goalkeeper gloves in various levels of quality, with or without finger save function, with or without inner seam, goalkeeper jerseys in classic and bright colours and a broad line of goalkeeper trousers can be ordered in the online shop. Goalkeepers can create their own individual look.

You need sportswear, balls or equipment for football? JAKO has any kind of football wear and equipment for you. The huge selection, various offers and great features and functions will make it easy for you. Put your JAKO jersey on and start playing. Get your outfit for the match or practice.